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Our Services

RoMaR Consultants LLC, are legacy planners  who provide the necessary tools and skills to facilitate responsible financial management to meet current goals while providing stability for the future. This is accomplished through training, education, information and guidance for individuals and business in the areas of :

  • Personal Risk Management
  • College Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Risk/Succession Planning/Management
  • Senior Health Insurance Needs
  • Retirement Planning


RoMaR’s customized workshops address the specific needs of the audience providing participants adequate information  to begin the process of identifying financial gaps. Workshops focus on financial literacy, retirement planning and insurance needs. RoMaR's financial specialists are  available to speak to your organization on a wide variety of relevant legacy topics.  




Women's Needs

RoMaR is comprised of over 30 years of experience in the area of training, needs assessment, insurance and financial analysis and goal setting. In addition to the years of experience, the uniqueness of being women allows a exceptional approach to women’s needs and their relationship with money. Holistic training is available to address the confidence gap experienced by women when it comes to outliving their male counterparts, inequality in pay and retirement planning.

This approach takes in consideration the need for a strategic focus on women. Based on the Harvard Business Review (2015), women now drive the world economy, and globally, women control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. Women are responsible for decision making in the purchase of :

  • 94% of home furnishings
  • 92% of vacations
  • 91% of homes
  • 60% of automobiles
  • 51% of consumer electronics

Private wealth is projected to be $22 trillion by 2020, an increase of $6 trillion currently, with 50% in the hands of women. Despite these staggering figures, women continue to:

  • Earn lower wages
  • Take leave from the workforce to care for children and the elderly
  • Outlive their spouses
  • Live longer lives
  • Experience higher healthcare expenses
  • Need long-term care
  • Have less retirement income
  • Lack the confidence to achieve their financial goals (confidence gap)
  • Live below the poverty line in retirement

RoMaR is aware that both the financial wellness of women is integral to the well-being of their families, and the economy/ community at large As a result, RoMaR will strategically dedicate a portion of its business development efforts to address the complex and unique financial, retirement and insurance needs of women while helping to bridge the impact of economic gender gaps with the growing financial influence of women.