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About Us

RoMaR Consultants, LLC, are legacy planners who specialize in empowering clients through education to enable them to make informed decisions for themselves, their family and their business.  An educated client has the tools to manage finances to meet current goals while providing stability for the future. RoMaR Consultants, LLC offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Financial Literacy Workshops for Non profits; associations and businesses.
  • Individual and Group Financial Planning
  • Personal Risk Management
    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care
    • Short and Long Term Disability
  • College Planning
  • Employee Benefits/Group Benefits
    • Supplemental Benefits
  • Business Risk/Succession Planning/Management
  • Senior Health Insurance Needs
  • Retirement Planning

The combined 50 years of professional and personal experience and specialized education in the fields of financial services, benefits administration, system management and training and performance improvement supports the platform to provide added value to clients.  This, coupled with relevant personal experiences, as well as a keen understanding of broader factors that impact the financial wellness of women and retirees, allows RoMaR to bring a unique perspective and personal touch to legacy planning.

RoMaR Consultants services include the  development of individualized needs assessment for short- and long-term goals; personalized plans for savings, retirement and insurance and professional guidance for the implementation of each plan with annual reviews to ensure each client is on track for success.

Marguerite Hall

CEO/Founder RoMaR Consultants, LLC



Registered Representative. Robert and Marguerite Hall had the pleasure of caring for Marguerite’s mother while in hospice. During the time she was being cared for, Marguerite noted that...

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Tracy Lynn Williams

Safe Money Manager


Tracy is the eyes and ears for RoMaR Consultants. As a relator and safe money manager, she wears a multiple hats.
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